Stories are the voice of the Open Table movement. They witness how mutual relationship can create diverse and connected communities that lift up the human potential of all people.  We invite you to read these stories and ask yourself if you are called to change yourself and your community.

“Abandoned, broken, neglected. That’s how he would describe himself…”

“At the age of 30, he had been through so much: drug addicted parents, homelessness, incarceration.

After the Breaking of the Bread meeting, when everyone on his Table shared why they chose to serve on the Table, he said something profound.

Initially, everyone on his Table appeared to him as a beautiful flower vase, pristine and priceless.

After the meeting he realized that if he looked close enough, he would see cracks and breaks, that each of the people on the Table had their own pain and failure too. He said it gave him hope that God could put him together.”

“Embraced, restored, and cared for. That’s how he would describe himself now.”

Table Member, Texas