Igniting human potential is simple:


Intellectual and social capital:

the core of human development,

the core of Open Table.

Rather than investing their old clothes, Table members invest what they have learned on their life journeys and connect to their personal networks in their congregations and community to bring skill building, services and door opening to the plan.

Open Table’s faith-based model draws together the community and relationship life of congregations around the country. It provides technical support, training, structure, process.

Each Table is composed of a group of volunteers that make a year-long commitment to act–through relationship—as a team of life specialists, encouragers, and advocates. Over the course of a year, the Table works together to set goals, foster accountability, and implement a plan to create change.

95% of Table participants have long term relationships with one or more of their former Table members.

  • “If those of us not experiencing poverty were in danger of falling into it, we would draw on our intellectual and social capital to rebuild. If that works for those of us who could fall into poverty, then why are we sending our used clothes to the poor? Stop sending our used clothes. Start sending ourselves.”

    Jon Katov, Founder and CEO
    Jon Katov, Founder and CEO
  • “Open Table is an invitation for mutual transformation. You walk a thousand miles with a person on their journey, only to realize that you now better understand your own.”


    Table Member #2
  • “Before Open Table I didn’t understand that we’re a society of poverty maintenance. We give people in poverty a lot of what they cannot use to move from poverty and very little of what they need to create change.”

    Table Member #1

Congregations have launched Tables

in 20+ states and 120+ cities and communities.


North Dakota

A Table undergoes training to serve young adults transitioning out of the juvenile justice system.


Orange County, FL

Local government endorses the work of congregation’s Open Table and demonstrates faith and government in a shared purpose to restore human potential to our communities.


Chautauqua County, NY

A Table serves a survivor of human trafficking.


Saginaw County, MI

A Table redefines the relationship between faith and government as a congregation partners with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) to transform families and young adults experiencing poverty.


Phoenix, AZ

Open Table gets its start in 2005 when a Methodist youth group collides with a man living in homelessness, Ernie. He and Open Table's founder have remained in caring relationship and friendship for 10 years. Other Phoenix Tables are expanding the model to serve Brothers and Sisters who are: men learning to be fathers, homeless young adults, female and male veterans.


Dallas, TX

A Sister served by a Table now serves as a Table member. Church launches its 20th Table.


Baltimore, MD

Tables serve our Brothers and Sisters who are living HIV+ and in poverty.

Washington D.C.

The American Institutes for Research provides technical support and evaluation to the Open Table model.


Council Bluffs, IA

A Table serves a young adult who had only known prison since he turned 18.


Denver, CO

Dr. John VanDenBerg, pioneer of Wraparound model, completes research with Open Table 2013 graduates: 95% say they remain in relationship with Table members up to two years after their Table completed.


Aliquippa, PA

Aliquippa congregations launch Open Table as a community initiative serving families in poverty.


Washington State

Federal Way First church in Washington state is in launch process!

Poverty invades the beautiful mosaic of humanity.

The movement is doing the work to repair.

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