Innovations In Social Drivers Of Health

Engaging the Community as an Outcome Partner

The untapped investment capital to expand the impact of social drivers of health is the relational and social capital of communities – named Relational Assets by Open Table. Sharing them with each other transforms us into people whose purpose is to live for each other. When we all connect in this way the health and wellbeing of every individual becomes a movement. Through proprietary Open Table models, communities combine their abundant relational and social capital with healthcare organizations to holistically address SDOH and improve outcomes.

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Awards Open Table $525,000 For Initiatives In Two States

Grants will expand a program serving moms in recovery and support a new program to improve maternal health outcomes for women of color.

Complex Needs

Healthcare organizations use Open Table models to address the SDOH of people with complex needs, including poverty, isolation, mental health, high-risk pregnancy, substance use disorder, chronic disease, and others. Outcomes include improved health and quality of life.

Complex Needs
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Open Table Models Reflect the Impact of Relational and Social Capital on the Human Potential of Every Person

Core Table Model Web

Core Table Model

Volunteers are trained to form a “Core Table” to access their social networks to support the Life Plan goals of a “Friend” through mutual and reciprocal relationships. Volunteers form a “Table” of 4-10 volunteers, and over the course of a year, meet one hour per week with the Friend and also share activities and friendship outside of Table meetings. At the end of 12 months, Tables form an “After Plan” that continues the ongoing, supportive relationships developed through the Table.

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Network Table Model Web

Network Table Model

Volunteers are trained to form a “Network Table” to access Relational Assets in their communityto remove one specific barrier faced by an individual or family that is blocking progress toward their goals. Ten volunteers are linked to a care coordinator, social worker or case manager of an organization serving people with complex needs. The organization refers a Friend and theirspecific priority need to the Table. Over the course of a year, Network Tables meet for an hour every other week and invest time networking in between meetings. Network Table serve up to 50individuals and families in a year based on the complexity of their needs.

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Healthcare Initiatives

Bullet 1

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation – OH

Core and Network Tables for non-Hispanic black women to lower preterm birth rates

$375,000 grant ($125,000 per year, 2022 – 2024)

Bullet 2

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation – VA

Core and Network Tables for pregnant and parenting mothers recovering from substance use disorder

$50,000 grant in 2020
$100,000 grant in 2021

Bullet 3

Anthem Medicaid Medallion & CCC Plus – VA

Network Tables partnering with Care Coordinators to support members

$36,000 contract 2021 – 2022

Bullet 4

Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina

Core and Network Tables supporting young adults transitioning from the foster care system

$323,000 sponsorship agreement 2021 – 2023

Bullet 5

Maryland Community Health Resources Commission

Network Tables supporting a family medical practice and a free clinic for Spanish-speaking community members

$200,000 grant 2021 – 2023

Bullet 6

MetroHealth System – OH

Core Tables with employees and community members to support families with SDOH barriers

2021 Year-End Data From Open Tables Serving Pregnant Or Parenting Women In Recovery From Substance Use Disorder Experiencing SDOH Barriers Included The Following Outcomes:

Graph 105

in supportive relationships

Graph 80 In

in transportation

Graph 80 In

reunification with their children
if this was a goal

Graph 67

in drug sobriety

Graph 62

safe and secure housing

Graph 50

alcohol sobriety

Graph 44

in hospitalizations

Graph 30

in food security

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    Open Table

    Open Table is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit corporation headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, founded in 2005. Open Table develops models that train communities to form meaningful outcome partnerships with national and community-based organizations. By creating open access to a community’s relational and social capital, these cost-effective shared purpose partnerships successfully empower individuals and families to live the lives they envision for themselves and their children. Trained in 33 states, Open Table unites communities and organizations in data-driven, cost-effective, outcome-producing relationships focused on removing barriers to well-being. Through Open Table models, communities are partnering with the healthcare, government, business, social service, education, faith-based, emerging social enterprise, and other important sectors. Open Table has fifteen completed or in-process studies, including case studies published by Baylor University.