One Man Movement

Sisters and Brothers,
Would you risk it all and become a one-person movement? Would you, as a sheep herder, stand in front of Pharaoh with demands? Would you obey an unseen voice and build a boat big enough to hold two of every living thing? Would you, at 75, drop everything to go create a nation?

Open Table in Texas

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Hear the call from the State of Texas. See the human potential of youth in foster care across the country. Join the faith-government movement unifying government and faith community investment in our young adults.

Paving New Roads

Does your community need some road work?
We are a movement of pavers. We are laying down road that opens communities of our Sisters and Brothers and ourselves to become one. This road paves over the rough terrain of judgment. Now relationship, reconciliation and human potential travel over it. Our Sisters and Brothers and Table members have labored to pave this road for a dozen winters now. And a dozen springs of hope.

Awareness Day Live

The SaginawMax System of Care, a SAMHSA grantee, in partnership with Phoenix-based Open Table, will be featured as an innovative practice at this year’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Awareness Day is a national event to raise awareness about the issues impacting children’s mental health.

Invitation to the Table

I have no memory of seeing hurt. No recall of pain. Not one picture in my mind of the face of one person experiencing poverty between the years of 1960 to 2005, in all the years of my life to that point. It is unexplainable. I am sure I must have driven by tens of…

Relationship Rides on a Bicycle

I read the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia about 3500 BC. The people in Mesopotamia used it to spin clay pots.  It took three centuries for someone to figure out two wheels and a chariot frame could be combined.  To carry a burden. To transport ideas. To mobilize humanity.  To carry us — clay pots…